Renovation Projects

What days and times do your renovation projects run?

Saturday serve days are our biggest work day for our projects, as they are our main volunteer day. From 8:00am to 4:30pm our team of staff and volunteers allow us to serve one to three project sites on a given Saturday. The rest of the week, from Tuesday through Friday, our full-time team keeps the work on our projects moving forward.

Who do you serve through your renovation projects?

We serve non-governmental non-profit organizations who serve under-resourced communities, and whose mission is currently being hindered by the renovation needs of their facility.

What do the organizations you serve pay for a renovation project?

We offer free labor provided by our team of staff and volunteers, but the organizations we serve are expected to cover all material costs required to get the project done. Other costs that these organizations may be responsible for are permits/fees and professional services required for tasks that are outside of our capability.

Does SHM take on for-profit jobs?

We do not take on for-profit jobs, because the need in our community keeps our team very busy. Taking on a paid job would mean time away from our service projects, so we rely on our generous supporters to fund our mission.

Do you ever lead missions/service trips?

Although the primary work of our mission is serving locally, we average about one mission trip per year, where we take a team of volunteers to meet a need in another location within or outside the US.

My church/organization needs help! How can I request a project?

Fill out our project request form and we’ll get back to you with the next steps.

Workmanship Program

What does the Workmanship Training and Mentorship Program teach students?

The Workmanship Program provides students an introductory trades education taught by industry professionals. Located in our 4,200 sq.ft. warehouse, we’re offering hands-on experience to give students exposure to a career in each of the key trades: general construction, plumbing, electrical, and masonry.

What does it cost to be a student in the Workmanship Program?

There is no cost for the student to be enrolled in the program.

Do students graduate with any certifications?

There is no certification associated with the completion of the Workmanship Program, but during the semester the students will be given the opportunity to get certified in CPR, First Aid, and OSHA at no cost.

Is there an age requirement to be a student at the Workmanship Program?

Individuals must be 18 years or older to be a student in our program.

Can anyone apply to be a student?

Anyone can apply to be a student in the Workmanship Program, but as there are limited spots we will prioritize those that will be committed to attending every class.

Hesed House

What is Hesed House?

Our current home offers housing to four young women working in ministry, serving under-resourced communities. We seek to support each individual’s position, purpose, and leadership potential to encourage these women to be leaders who will positively impact the community.

Who is eligible to live in Hesed House?

We offer housing to single females, approximately 22-35, who are currently working a fulltime position in ministry serving under-resourced communities. They should have a heart for serving people, be passionate about building relationships, and be dedicated to investing in the local community.



When can I volunteer on a project site?

Saturday serve days are our biggest work day for our projects and our main volunteer day. From 8:00am to 4:30pm, our staff and volunteers serve one to three project sites on a given Saturday. Volunteers are free to arrive and leave when they need, but as training and instruction is required before you start working, the longer you’re available, the easier it is for us to assign you tasks.

Additionally, we have some volunteer opportunities Tuesday through Friday, from 8:00am to 4:30pm, as our full-time team keeps the work on our projects moving forward.

Do you need to have any construction skills to volunteer on a project site?

No, there are no skills needed to serve with us, just willing hands and a servant’s heart.

What does a day volunteering on a project site look like?

On arrival a volunteer checks in with the site lead, who gives them instruction on what they will be working on and equips them with the tools they need. At around 10am the whole team stops for a coffee and doughnut break and 1pm we stop for lunch break, all provided by the organization the project is serving. Around 4pm, the team begins cleaning up. We ask that, when possible, volunteers stay and assist through cleanup, as there is usually a decent amount of work involved.

Can I bring my high school aged kids to volunteer on a project site?

We allow individuals from 12 to 15 years old to serve on our project sites if they are accompanied by an adult. Individuals 16 years and older are welcome to volunteer on project sites unaccompanied.

How do I start volunteering?

Fill out our volunteer application and we will add you to our weekly volunteer email list, where we send on information about what sites we’re on that week. Every Thursday when you receive the email, reply if you are free to serve that Saturday and we will assign you to a site.

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Can I bring a group to volunteer together on a project site?

Yes, we accept groups of around 15 people to serve together on a project site Tuesday-Saturday, but we would need to schedule your serve day at least three weeks in advance, ensuring that we can have the right task to fit your groups skill level, and that we have enough work to keep your group busy. To schedule a group serve day, contact us.

Are there any opportunities to volunteer at night?

The only opportunities to volunteer at night would be with the Workmanship program, supplies meals or serving as an administrator, instructor, teaching assistant or mentor. See our volunteer page for descriptions of these opportunities.


Are there ways my business can partner with you?

Definitely, visit our business partner page for more information.

Are there ways my church can partner with you?

Definitely, visit our church partner page for more information.

Can you come present/speak at my church?

Yes, we love opportunities to share our vision with new groups of people. Contact us with your information and interest and we’ll get back to you.


Where does my money go?

Your donation supports Servant’s Heart Ministry’s work of love, empowerment, training, and service in the community, including:

  • Tools and Resources: helping us stay equipped to serve
  • Projects: helping us complete more projects
  • Workmanship: allowing us to train the next generation.
  • Staff Support: keeping our team moving forward
  • Operations: contributing towards keeping us organized
  • Expansion: supporting our growth

Do you have any employment opportunities available?

At this time, we do not have any employment opportunities.