We partner with local organizations to make an impact in their communities through our renovation projects.

We come alongside these organizations with tangible needs to assist them in rebuilding or updating their property. Through these projects we equip organizations to advance their work in the community and empower their vision for their city.

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What We Offer
Mentoring our project partners with advice from skilled professionals.
Providing free labor for our projects through our team of volunteers
Referring professional needs to companies within our trades industry network
Lowering costs with donated or discounted materials provided by our business partners

Work We Do

Our work varies depending on the needs of those we’re serving, but we usually cover a variety of tasks, including:

  • Framing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Drywall
  • Finishing Work
  • HVAC
  • Tiling
  • Flooring
  • Landscaping

Due to the volunteer nature of Servant’s Heart Ministry, we do not take on projects that are inherently dangerous, such as roofing or siding.

Why We Do It

We meet the renovation needs of organizations and individuals not only to equip them with the ability to serve their community, but to meet both their physical and emotional needs as we model Christ’s example of building relationships to love, empower, train, and serve.

Project Inquiry
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2022 Impact

60 Projects

20 organizations, 17 churches, 23 individuals

400 Volunteers

20,000 volunteer hours given to our projects

40 Business Partners

900 hours of donated services

$200,000 worth of materials donated to projects

Where We’ve Served

Allendale, NJ - 5 projects

Boonton, NJ - 1 project

Chester, NY - 2 projects

Clifton, NJ - 2 projects

East Orange, NJ - 1 project

Elizabeth, NJ - 3 projects

Fair Lawn, NJ - 2 projects

Garfield, NJ - 1 project

Hackensack, NJ - 4 projects

Haledon, NJ - 1 project

Hawthorne, NJ - 10 projects

Hillsdale - 1 project

Jersey City, NJ - 10 projects

Mahwah, NJ - 1 project

Maywood, NJ - 3 projects

Midland Park, NJ - 1 projects

Newark, NJ - 10 projects

Newburgh, NY - 1 project

New York, NY - 2 projects

Oswego, NY - 6 projects

Passaic, NJ - 2 projects

Paterson, NJ - 90 projects

Prospect Park, NJ - 1 project

Teaneck, NJ - 2 projects

Washington Twp, NJ - 2 projects

West Milford, NJ - 8 projects

West Orange, NJ - 1 project

Wyckoff, NJ - 3 projects

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Who We Have Served

"They really saved our building. […] Because of the work they did here, they spurred others on to give [and] we’re prepared for ministry for years to come.”

Tom Henion

Executive Director, Madison Avenue Crossroads, Paterson, NJ

“Their labor of love has been outstanding. Servant’s Heart has minimized our challenges and our obstacles tremendously. Without them, we would not be embarking on this project today.”

Reverend Robert L. DeVeaux

The Humanity Baptist Church, Newark, NJ

“What Servant’s Heart does in engaging the gifts, skills and passions of folks and plugging them into ministry and the needs of different organizations is incredible.”

Jeremy Jerschina

Executive Director, New City Kids, Paterson, NJ

“Servant’s Heart is always one step ahead of us, engaging volunteers and encouraging all of us to persevere until this vision becomes a reality!"

Debbie Provencher

Executive Director, Lighthouse Pregnancy Center, Paterson, NJ

“Dawn Treader is truly becoming a community center because of the love and support of Servant’s Heart Ministry and their team.”

Charles Salinas

Head of School, Dawn Treader Christian School, Paterson, NJ

“Servant’s Heart has been wonderful, in terms of the attitude, the work ethic, explaining everything, and the people. I think they are really living out what it really means to be Christians."

Pastor Richard Jones

Bridgeway Community Church, Haledon, NJ